me smiling wearing green blazer white shirt and black jeans
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My life has changed so drastically since my last attempt at blogging, so I have decided to start afresh. New me, new blog. Since entering a new chapter in my life, a life in recovery, honesty, open mindedness and willingness are three principles that are paramount. So I will endeavour to apply these principles to my blog, as well as my every day life and I hope you enjoy reading them. Or at least like some of the pictures.

The other day a fabulous fashionista friend (Lorna of and I embarked on a train magical journey to London Town and it did not fail to disappoint. After yapping about all things stylish on our journey from the Sussex countryside, we started off by soaking in the sartorial delights of Dover Street. Acne, Louboutin, the fashion mecca that is Dover Street Market and even peeked at the Lowry exhibition through the windows of Clarendon Fine Art.

Onto New Bond Street, which was  solely a reconnaissance mission to the new Fendi flagship. I shan’t reiterate what has already been said about the store itself by the press (and probably a few thousand other blogs already) but if I could sum it up in one word, it would be ‘WOWSER’. The sumptuous furs, that already famous wall of iconic Baguettes, a dedicated menswear floor, I could dribble for days, but I will save this for a forthcoming Fendi foray.

Next it was photoshoot time. Now I’m not saying I am a model; this was purely a chance to have some fun and get some outfit photos for this post. I had some reservations at first, but after some good direction, I really enjoyed it. The outfit was a tricky one, I needed something to take us from day to play and we were going to be out for the best part of eight hours. I chose a simple crisp white shirt and bottle-green blazer, both bespoke. Super comfy and simple. Skinny jeans, so the whole look wasn’t too formal and injected some fun with my metallic Louboutin Alfreds. You may also spot a certain furry friend of mine, whom I love because he makes me smile, yet also reminds me of the monster I have the potential to be.  He also coordinated rather well too.


silver_Louboutin London-brickwork grey-Goyard-Ambassade London-green-blazer cobbled-London-street