Chanel jewellery and cosmetics flatlay on a sheepskin rug
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It’s currently day two of the horrible ailment that is man-flu – It’s a serious condition. Whilst I really can’t be bothered to do a blog post, I know I should at least post something. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that the picture is a few days old, if not, then forget I said anything. It started off simply as flat lay practise (man they are hard, especially if you are a perfectionist like me), but I must say I’m super pleased with it.

I adore beauty products and these two are fantastic new additions to my ever expanding grooming hoard products. The Chanel Beauté Initiale Spray Serum is a lightweight product ideal for those who have oily skin, perfect for when you just need that little boost. It’s relatively scent free, which is always nice, as sometimes I just don’t fancy smelling like a wild flower. The Beauté Initiale Eye is a lighter eye cream that soothes and cools; it may not be anything too groundbreaking, but it’s perfect for when your eyes require a little TLC.

The rest was mainly just filler for the photo, but you will spot my beloved eagle necklace, tie pin and crossbones brooch. They are all pieces that I cherish. I love how Chanel makes their accessories fun, plus they never really date.

On that note, I’m off to get another Lemsip.

ASOS holographic slip on plimsols
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This may shock you people, but I have been buying High Street. Well, the online High Street at least. You know I’m a sucker for anything shiny, holographic, iridescent – whatever you want to call it; so these ASOS slip-ons were a must. Plus they were only £20. Cheap as chips at Claridge’s.

Now being dark grey they are not too garish, especially in some lights, but they do have that unexpected element that I am so fond of. The white rubber sole is a nice touch too, it emphasises the skate shoe aesthetic that is everywhere at the moment. From designers such as GivenchyBalmain and Céline (check out this excellent post by Global Garçon here), these shoes are everywhere at the moment. There’s no escaping them.


ASOS holographic slip on skate shoes on an antique persian rug ASOS iridescent skate shoes showing a rainbow of colours

flatlay of blue clothes and accessories on a white background


So the plans for my short visit to San Francisco have been annihilated – along with the sightseeing, potential outfit and streetstyle posts . It’s cool, I’m over it now, but I have managed to make one post with something visual. When life gives you lemons you have a bitch fit make lemonade.

Now I’m not saying it’s anything epic, but seeing as my time here has been drastically reduced, I made my OOTD into a post. Rather than feeling blue, I was wearing it.

In response to the fabulous Dana Fashina’s post on her blog (check it out – she is GREAT) about clothes you only ever really wear around the house, I wore my beloved navy cashmere jumper by Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs – yes you did read that mouthful right. It is super lightweight and super warm, perfect for this time of year. Plus it’s stood the test of time, no bobbling and it hasn’t been devoured by moths just yet.

I also wore my old 7 For All Mankind jeans, which I stopped wearing years ago as they were bootcut. Nothing a trip to the tailor couldn’t fix however and hey presto, new-yet-old slim/straight leg jeans that wonderful worn in feeling you only get from jeans you’ve had longer than you care to remember.

Accessory wise I kept it semi-simple with an Hermès Constance belt in Blue Jean, Céline navy sunglasses and my beaten-up Balenciaga wallet.

The coconut water was my flat lay fuel. I think I’m getting there slowly…




Patience can be defined as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset”. It’s always something I have had very little of, but since coming into recovery it’s grown somewhat and I now know it’s something I have to work at on a daily basis.

My plans for the past few days have been well and truly scuppered due to circumstances beyond my control and rather than choosing to forget everything and run (if you read my post on fear this will make sense), I have practising patience and living life on it’s own terms. It’s actually quite liberating, as when one accepts that they cannot control everything, what is there to fret over? Sure I may not have been able to dash around a different city and get a few good blog posts from doing so, but is it really that bad? Is my life over? No it is not.

So just for today I will continue to practise patience and accept whatever life throws at me.


lady fendi against black front door wearing navy coat and pastel blue hair


I’m not one to normally post editorials, as I feel a bit of a fraud – after all, it’s not my work. However, I could not let this one slide. It is EVERYTHING. Maybe this is the start of something new for my blog, who knows.

Citizen K International completely nailed it. Alice Rosati shot Australian model Rose Smith as ‘Lady Fendi’ wearing total looks from the brand and I would not change a single thing. It completely encapsulates everything the Fendi means to me, luxury, heritage, excess and opulence – with a subversive twist. The colours and textures are sublime, not to mention her hair…

What are your thoughts on the editorial? I know it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s definitely mine. Here’s to Lady Fendi.

Images from Citizen K.


LadyFendi03 LadyFendi06 LadyFendi05 LadyFendi01 LadyFendi08 LadyFendi07

sat in tweed coat looking out a leaded window
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As the weather is getting colder, I finally bit the bullet and got something I had wanted for a long time – a tweed coat. Granted it’s not Marant or Chanel (great pre-fall 2014 review here), but a bespoke Samuel original made by my tailor. A fraction of the price, and more wearable. Plus a Chanel menswear coat is something I can always get in the future.

Monochrome is a fashion staple and one that always looks timelessly chic, so kept it simple with black Fendi skinny jeans, a white vest and black patent skate shoes. I also kept my jewellery on point with white metals. I’m not going into too much details, but I would like to point out one of my favourite necklaces – the Barbed Pendant from Hannah Martin. Simple, cool and with a rock and roll edge. If you don’t already know Hannah’s work, I implore you to check it out, it’s fantastic.

I was at chez Luxe once again, so you will also spot my other perfect monochrome accessory: Boo! He’s the most darling creature ever (aside from my Bluebell) and he loves courting the camera. People say you should never work with children or animals and whilst I agree on the first part, Boo is just impossible to resist.

Thanks to Lorna for being a great host, a super photographer and an even better friend.


me sat on green sofa with a white maltese terrier at my feet petting a maltese terrier in a tudor country house close up of black patent skate shoes against antique chevron wooden floor looking to the side wearing black and white tweed coat against a white panelled wall sat against a country house window smiling

drinking a coke in mcdonalds whilst on my iPhone


I previously posted about fast fashion and how I normally opt for more classic pieces, yet I find myself embracing it once again. Admittedly I’m a little late with this one, but I succumbed and got my paws on that Moschino iPhone case. I couldn’t resist the tongue-in-cheek take on the iconic Golden Arches. Plus I’m super clumsy, so a bouncy phone case was a must.

What better place to show it off than McDonald’s itself? In keeping with the customer demographic, I chose a white wife-beater. That makes me sound like an awful snob doesn’t it? BUT I did put my take on it and accessorised with my Jeremy Scott for Swatch watch (as a nod to Moschino’s new creative director) and as much jewellery as I could put on (well, almost…).

That’s all from me, as I’m still feeling rather queasy after all that fast food; and yes I did eat some of it.


looking apprehensively at mcdonalds meal flatly of mcdonalds meal with hermes dog on wallet and moschino iPhone case looking at my moschino iPhone case in mcdonalds me taking a picture of my photographer using my moschino fries iPhone case

me in a dingy street wearing a burgundy cashmere parka and grey goyard bag
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As promised, I’m back to my semi-usual blogging schedule – even today’s perpetual rain couldn’t put me off. So I donned a suitable outfit and took to the streets of Brighton for a wander. Gritty backdrops are the perfect place for impromptu photo shoots; I find comfort in them for some unknown reason.

We all know that one of this season’s key colours is Burgundy (Claret/Merlot or whatever vino-inspired moniker you can think of), so I wore a custom cashmere parka made by my tailor; it’s the perfect oversized coat that keeps me toasty warm and is surprisingly light. I kept the palette pretty low key, so stuck with plain black Fendi skinny jeans, white Louboutin trainers and then chose grey as an accent colour.

In line with this, my bag is the classic Ambassade by Goyard. It’s one of my favourite heritage brands, not overdone and impeccably made. For the fun element I wore a slightly trippy teddy jumper from Y-3, I didn’t want to look too normcore. You may also notice I brought back the burgundy with my socks. If you rock a sock, you better rock it good.


grey-goyard-ambassade y3-teddy-sweater burgundy-hood-up walking-away-street