street style shot in brighton wearing black outfit and camel coat
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I had intended to post this yesterday, so technically this can’t be classed as a ‘WIWT’ (What I Wore Today) post, but ‘WIWY’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Que sera sera.

To set the scene, Shaughn and I spent the day in Brighton looking at interior furnishings for my flat. Sounds fun, but finding the perfect pendant light is a tricky task when you’re a hideous perfectionist. Whilst wandering through the North Laine I found a spot perfect for an impromptu shoot. I’m all kinds of crazy for punchy graffiti and this neon number did the trick nicely.

Outfit wise, I wanted to keep it quite simple. Black and camel is my current colour combo crush, so I chose a Givenchy t-shirt, Fendi jeans and cashmere coat – total godsend when the sun disappeared and the chills came a creeping. For the accessories I chose white Christian Louboutin ‘Louis Junior Spikes’ trainers, an Hermès cuff, Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses and my Fendi ‘By The Way’ bag.

What are your thoughts on this look?


close up of black leather fend by the way bag with graffiti in the background looking up wearing black jeans t-shirt and back with camel cashmere coat detail shot of hermes CDC cuff dior so real sunglasses and fendi by the way black bag worn with camel coat

brown snakeskin gucci loafers deigned by tom ford
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I was tagged by Michael Biro of to spin a yarn on one of my pairs of shoes. A shoe story if you will.

Let me take you back in time to the nineties, when Tom Ford was appointed as Creative Director at Gucci. Selling sex was on the agenda and with help from super-stylist Carine Roitfeld and photographer extraordinaire Mario Testino, Ford created the infamous hyper-sexualised ads that showcased his designs perfectly. Clearly his creative genius was not only recognised, but applauded, with sales increasing by 90% between 1995-1996 alone. Gucci was back.

My passion for the arts and fashion started early and as a teenager those provocative adverts certainly caught my attention. Flicking through Arena Homme + magazine in the late nineties (when I should probably have been revising for some exam), I came across an advertising campaign with the most amazing snakeskin loafers. Slightly iridescent python beauties featuring a gold bar discreetly embossed with the coveted Gucci logo – it was lust at first sight. True shoe porn.

So after weeks of nagging and whining, I dragged my mother to Bond Street to sip in their serpentine splendour; ’twas not meant to be however, said shoes were sadly sold out. My dreams dissipated . Or had they?

A short while later, resigned to the fact I would never get my hands on, or indeed feet in, my beloved shoes, I was walking past a high-end consignment store charity shop when something caught my eye. Sitting patiently in the window were the python loafers, almost glowing in the fluorescent light. Surely not I thought, but then again, this was Dorking. So in I ran and out I skipped with one pair of never-worn Gucci loafers. Maybe it was meant to be after all.

Time and styles may pass, but I know that I shall never part with these shoes. Tom Ford nineties era Gucci will always hold a special place in my heart; it shaped my style and is a part of my fashion story.

Do you have your own tale to tell? A special shoe that speaks to you? I’d love to hear it.

Read Michael’s “Shoe Story” here.


close up of gold bar detail on brown gucci python loafers gucci logo plaque on leather sole side shot of brown python gucci loafers deigned by tom ford on a sheepskin rug

street shot wearing black Balmain biker jacket and drole de monsieur sweatshirt
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When I asked what you would like to see more of on my blog, Lena from said more OOTD posts. So after a little delay (I’ve been MEGA busy), here one is.

I am going to keep it pretty simple and try not to waffle, as the main focal point of this outfit was the ‘Not From Paris Madame’ sweatshirt from Drôle de Monsieur. It’s an item I had been coveting for some time now and finally I managed to get my paws on one. Not only are these unisex sweaters wonderfully warm and comfortable, they are also made (extremely well I might add) in France. So it really does feel like you get a little piece of Paris with every order.

Flying the French flag, mon père will be proud, my jeans and biker jacket are both Balmain, worn with Christian Louboutin high-tops and a grey Goyard Ambassade bag.

Thank you to my amazing bestie Lorna for her photographic skills. She’s bloody good when it comes to blurring and she’s pretty damn haute.


head and shoulders shot wearing black balmain biker jacket and tom ford sunglasses drole de monsieur not from paris madame sweater under balmain black leather biker jacket street style shot wearing balmain jacket and jeans role de monsieur sweatshirt and grey goyard bag grey Goyard ambassade bag with fend bag bug side shot wearing tom ford sunglasses and black leather balmain biker jacket

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing full denim outfits at the 2001 American music awards
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Double denim is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Add the fact that it’s a hard look to pull off (I’ve personally tried and failed many a time) and you are on dangerous ground. So what is it exactly that sees the look constantly resurfacing year after year? Is it an anti-fashion statement? This in itself becomes a fashion statement – but that’s another post altogether. A nod to the seventies? Bell-bottoms and beards are back in a big way baby. Or is it just the simplicity of it all?

Whatever your thoughts on an all-jean ensemble, it shows no sign of stopping just yet. Unless of course you are Jeremy Clarkson, then please, I implore you, stop.

So here are a few images I found showing how to style this tricky template. Dress it up with a smart shirt, tie and pocket square. Go casual with the humble white t-shirt. Keep it street rocking total blue (props for the tonal tie-ins). Or when it doubt go for total all-out Britney and Justin’s 2001 MTV American Music Award amazingness. Simple, no?


street style man looking slick wearing double denim with brown hat and pocket square street style shot of man with sunglasses and top knot wearing double denim with a white t shirt street style shot of bearded man wearing double denim outfit

flatlay of my beach holiday essentials
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At this time of the year with all the rain, snow, or whatever Mother Nature sees fit to throw your way, you can escape it all with a holiday. Unless of course you like the bad weather, in which case you can probably skip this post.

So in all it’s technicolour glory is my beach holiday edit. I normally play it down colour-wise with clothing, but I do like a bit of colour whilst on the beach – too much sand can be oh-so bland.

A good quality beach towel is a must; if you invest wisely not only do they dry you off much quicker, but are easier to spot on that sun lounger you poached at 6am (if you’re that way inclined). My garish colourful choice is the Giacomo towel by Missoni, with it’s distinctive pattern you’ll certainly be making waves wherever you choose to go. Available as part of a set here, or similar here.

My Goyard St Louis tote is not only water resistant, but also extremely hardy. I’ve dragged this particular one halfway round the world and back and it still shows no signs of wear. Pricey, yes, but well worth it in my opinion. Plus you can chose from a myriad of colours to suit your mood. More affordable options can be found here and here.

For swimwear, I recently purchased a pair of Orlebar Brown Setter shorts in Magenta. Not too loud and actually the perfect tone to wear with both light and dark clothing. They extremely comfortable, fantastic quality and they too are quick drying. Perfect for a quick dip. You can find a similar pair here, or a slightly longer version here.

Accessory wise, I am never without a pair of sunglasses. I stick to Tom Ford for holidays as they are sturdy and provide excellent sun protection, but buy within your budget. The only advice I will give is to make sure that they have good quality lenses to prevent damaging your eyes. You may also notice a bandana, granted it’s an Hermès one, but they do come in handy for covering the back of your neck or sea-swept hair if you’re vain like me. Just be careful how you tie it.

Lastly my iPhone. Perfect for some tunes, social media stalking, or checking the weather back home and dreading your return to normal life.

saint laurent paris suede boots with an all black ensemble
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Ask and you shall receive. I asked in my last post what you would like to see more of on my blog, so now it’s answer time. The lovely Lorna, of, asked what luxe items the stylish man (or his wife) should be buying right now. My answer? A good pair of boots.

There’s only so long a man can get away with wearing wear high-tops and what about the evenings? High-tops? Highly unsuitable if you ask me. Putting your money into a decent pair of boots is a sartorial no-brainer. Putting your feet in said boots is the next step.

Whatever your style, you can find the perfect pair to suit you. Chelsea boots are always chic and every country gent needs a pair of Hunter wellies (you won’t catch me in any other), but my current obsession is the suede boot; Saint Laurent’s are saintly. Not only are they thoroughly versatile, pair with skinny jeans or smart tailoring, they’re also pretty damn cool.

So here’s my picks, all currently available: Balenciaga’s black offerings, Hunter’s classic Wellington Boot, the Saint Laurent Paris Holy Grail and if you’re feeling bold, the wildcard – black suede boots by Alexander McQueen. Just remember guys, please, no Uggs.


Harry Styles wearing a shearling jacket skinny jeans and brown suede boots London street style shot of man wearing black outfit with boots

style over substances logo in black in by Amy Kev
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It’s taken some time and a whole lot of thinking, but I finally bit the bullet and went for a new look for the blog. Well, what do you think? I didn’t want to change the aesthetic too much, as I love the white space, so just the odd tweak here and there. Hopefully you like it as much as I do.

One of my favourite parts is the logo, designed by the wonderfully talented Amy Kev. She’s an insanely talented artist who I really admire and I am proud to have her work on my blog. You know how picky I am… My only frustration is I am yet to fathom out how to make the logo more prominent on the front page. Maybe the theme just doesn’t permit it, but then again I have no clue when it comes to internet design. Holler if you have any tips.

So now comes the point where I ask your feedback. What are your favourite posts so far? Is there anything you would like to see more (or less) of? What floats your blogging boat? I want to hear it.