Anya Hindmarch sticker shop white and black leather mickey mouse hand sticker giving thumbs up sign


Lately I’ve had a bad case of blogger’s block. Finding the time and enthusiasm to post has been tricky to say the least, but this morning inspiration arrived in a neat black box. Thanks Net-A-Porter.

Since first spying Anya Hindmarch’s leather stickers (a collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS FASHION) I was obsessed. Irreverent humour and a nostalgic nod to childhood, what’s not to love? Personalised products are practically perfect in my book.

Crafted out of embossed leather, these self-adhesive delights can be used on pretty much anything. Whether you want to pimp your PS11 with your initials, or bastardise your Birkin with your Instagram name, Anya has you covered.

My only problem was deciding on what design and where to stick said sticker. The irrational side of me wanted to buy about fifty of the things and cover a seldom used bag with them; but the sane side decided that it would probably be wiser just to get one. I was still stuck on where to put it though.

Eventually I decided to jazz up my boring black leather iPhone case. You know I’m all about having fun with fashion, so with one Mickey hand it went from drab to fab – thumbs up from me.

Visit the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop here.


flat lay with Anya Hindmarch thumbs up leather sticker on black iPhone 6 case surrounded by boxes leather thumbs up Anya Hindmarch sticker on black iPhone 6 case

14 thoughts on “STUCK ON YOU

  1. net-a-porter to the rescue! shopping is always what’s needed to clear the mind 😉 this leather sticker concept is too cool… haven’t seen them before. You always find the most unique and delightful items!! hope you had a good weekend… sunny and 60 here!

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  3. Lily

    Hi! Love what you did there — I have a sticker, but I don’t have a leather phone case. What leather phone case do you have? Did the sticker stick well?


    • Thank you so much! I used the Apple leather case and it’s still stuck on there now. Once applied, it’s there forever on this one.
      I have heard they come off on plastic cases sadly after a while, so it might be worth tracking down a leather case if you want it to last longer.
      Hope this helps and thank you for commenting!


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