wearing black leather Balmain biker jacket and jeans outside Brighton Pavillion
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It’s official, spring has sprung and I am loving it. Fresh blooms, sunshine and the feeling of new life emerging. Things have been good lately, even if I haven’t had the impetus to blog much. Honestly, I’ve been questioning my motives behind the whole thing. What am I trying to achieve with my blog? How is it received? Am I too old for this now? Whatever the answers are, I’m not ready to give it up just yet, nor is this a pitiful plea for attention – just stating how I feel. Honesty is the best policy remember.

Whining aside, you get to feast your eyes on an outfit post; you lucky things. I’m keeping this short and sweet, so the jacket and jeans are both Balmain, t-shirt by Givenchy, Christian Louboutin suede high-tops and Dior sunglasses. You may also notice the Anya Hindmarsh sticker on my phone case from my post ‘STUCK ON YOU‘. Shameless plug, but there you go.

So from the scenic beauty of Brighton’s Royal Pavillion, I wish you all a very happy weekend.


wearing black leather Balmain biker jacket and jeans outside Brighton Pavillion head and shoulders shot on the phone with Anya Hindmarch leather sticker on phone case Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Spikes hightop shoes on a cobbled street in Brighton

18 thoughts on “SPRUNG

  1. It’s always better when you’re transparent with your readers and being honest about your thoughts and feelings. At the end of the day, blogging is just a teeny, tiny portion of our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated, creative and inspired…But hang in there!

    Your outfit is amazing as always. Simple, yet so luxe and wearable. I would totally sport this look! Xx

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  2. Holy crap I love your outfit! It’s so refreshing to see male bloggers out there prospering, which you definitely are (also you’re low key an attractive dude…just putting it out there). Love this post a lot, ha x

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  3. Love this post! Your look is classically cool! I have to agree with what @michaelbiro mentioned, one of the best parts of your blog is your honesty with your readers. You do a fantastic job sharing your thoughts in an understandable and totally relatable way! Id say keep it up you’ve got something great here 🙂

    xx missaLAnnis

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  4. rougecloset

    I asked the same questions to myself sometimes. My answer to myself is I’m blogging for myself instead of for others. And that’s great if readers find my writing interesting or helpful. I put that as a bonus for what I am doing. After all, I find a space I can express myself and record my thoughts and experience. Sometimes I don’t like to position myself as blogger. Hahaa! Don’t know why. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Just keep doing what you love. Keep that in mind and you’ll always have the answer. 🙂 And, by the way, I’m in love with your leather jacket! I’m looking for the perfect one myself and can’t find it yet so I’ll just look at your photos one more time. 😉

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