wearing black leather Balmain biker jacket and jeans outside Brighton Pavillion
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It’s official, spring has sprung and I am loving it. Fresh blooms, sunshine and the feeling of new life emerging. Things have been good lately, even if I haven’t had the impetus to blog much. Honestly, I’ve been questioning my motives behind the whole thing. What am I trying to achieve with my blog? How is it received? Am I too old for this now? Whatever the answers are, I’m not ready to give it up just yet, nor is this a pitiful plea for attention – just stating how I feel. Honesty is the best policy remember.

Whining aside, you get to feast your eyes on an outfit post; you lucky things. I’m keeping this short and sweet, so the jacket and jeans are both Balmain, t-shirt by Givenchy, Christian Louboutin suede high-tops and Dior sunglasses. You may also notice the Anya Hindmarsh sticker on my phone case from my post ‘STUCK ON YOU‘. Shameless plug, but there you go.

So from the scenic beauty of Brighton’s Royal Pavillion, I wish you all a very happy weekend.


wearing black leather Balmain biker jacket and jeans outside Brighton Pavillion head and shoulders shot on the phone with Anya Hindmarch leather sticker on phone case Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Spikes hightop shoes on a cobbled street in Brighton

street shot wearing black Balmain biker jacket and drole de monsieur sweatshirt
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When I asked what you would like to see more of on my blog, Lena from felinecreatures.com said more OOTD posts. So after a little delay (I’ve been MEGA busy), here one is.

I am going to keep it pretty simple and try not to waffle, as the main focal point of this outfit was the ‘Not From Paris Madame’ sweatshirt from Drôle de Monsieur. It’s an item I had been coveting for some time now and finally I managed to get my paws on one. Not only are these unisex sweaters wonderfully warm and comfortable, they are also made (extremely well I might add) in France. So it really does feel like you get a little piece of Paris with every order.

Flying the French flag, mon père will be proud, my jeans and biker jacket are both Balmain, worn with Christian Louboutin high-tops and a grey Goyard Ambassade bag.

Thank you to my amazing bestie Lorna for her photographic skills. She’s bloody good when it comes to blurring and she’s pretty damn haute.


head and shoulders shot wearing black balmain biker jacket and tom ford sunglasses drole de monsieur not from paris madame sweater under balmain black leather biker jacket street style shot wearing balmain jacket and jeans role de monsieur sweatshirt and grey goyard bag grey Goyard ambassade bag with fend bag bug side shot wearing tom ford sunglasses and black leather balmain biker jacket

measuring sash window with tape measure wearing balmain
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I’ve been banging on about my newly acquired flat for a while now and rightly so. After being such a testing, not to mention lengthy period of time, I feel I am entitled to. Whilst most of the work thus far has been ripping things out, progress is being made even if it is somewhat snail-paced.

Originally I had planned not to show any pictures until it was completely finished, but I’m in a pretty sharing mood of late. So what started out as a bit of scouting for inspiration whilst the flat was swathed in natural light, turned into an impromptu photo opportunity.

Appropriately dressed as ever, here I am hamming it up handyman style. The jacket and jeans are both Balmain, worn with a Givenchy t-shirt and vintage Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots (seen in my previous post here). The cherry on top was my Finnish raccoon fur scarf, just in case the outfit wasn’t ostentatious enough.

Bonus points to my friend Shaughn for pointing out that the original floor can quite possibly be salvaged with a bit of menial work TLC.

Just don’t ask me what the difference between a Phillips-head screwdriver and a normal one is. Sorry Dad.


close up of Finnish raccoon fur scarf shot from behind giving thumbs up holding a craft knife vintage vivienne westwood pirate boots against an old wood floor

handsome man sat on step holding flowers


Today, flowers in hand, I visited my good pal and confidant at chez Luxe. Nestled in the quiet Sussex countryside, it’s a place to relax and play Lord of the Manor (I should have worn Harris Tweed – damn). After the hydrangeas were gratefully received and copious cups of tea were downed, we pottered the ground and enjoyed the last of the sun.

I kept the outfit plain (well, for me) with a butter-soft Balmain leather biker, Decarnin era Balmain t-shirt, Fendi jeans and Nike trainers. Ten points if you notice all the accessory details.

PS. The last photo make me actually LOL. I like to think of it as my ‘really bitch?’ face.


sat-steps-flowers Sussex-view rings-hair-sitting lady-statue oh-really-look

me sat on tiled steps with hood up looking to the side and smiling
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I regret to inform you our British summer is over; BUT this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have had one of the best for years and more importantly, it also means you won’t have to see too many more pictures of me frolicking around in shorts.

This also means I get the chance to wear some of my wardrobe staples, the hooded top; and I do love a hoody (not the ASBO kind – think more wearable versions). This particular beauty is by one of my go-to brands: Balmain. The goldwork crest is absolutely incredible, and part of the luxe aesthetic which is a signature look for the brand. All this teamed with the chunky silver zips meant I had to own it. Granted it wasn’t cheap, but with Balmain you really do get what you pay for.

What better location to show it off than the architectural wonder of Hove’s Adelaide Crescent. I was in post Regency heaven. Even the salty sea breeze didn’t put me off and if all goes to plan, I shall be back living in Brighton soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

For the rest of my outfit, I wore Balmain biker jeans (another favourite of mine), Christian Louboutin studded high top trainers and an All Saints devore vest. Keeping it simple, one day at a time.


Balmain-hoody-jeans Balmain-hoody Louboutin-studded-hightops Brighton-Balmain Regency-crescent