Anya Hindmarch sticker shop white and black leather mickey mouse hand sticker giving thumbs up sign


Lately I’ve had a bad case of blogger’s block. Finding the time and enthusiasm to post has been tricky to say the least, but this morning inspiration arrived in a neat black box. Thanks Net-A-Porter.

Since first spying Anya Hindmarch’s leather stickers (a collaboration with Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS FASHION) I was obsessed. Irreverent humour and a nostalgic nod to childhood, what’s not to love? Personalised products are practically perfect in my book.

Crafted out of embossed leather, these self-adhesive delights can be used on pretty much anything. Whether you want to pimp your PS11 with your initials, or bastardise your Birkin with your Instagram name, Anya has you covered.

My only problem was deciding on what design and where to stick said sticker. The irrational side of me wanted to buy about fifty of the things and cover a seldom used bag with them; but the sane side decided that it would probably be wiser just to get one. I was still stuck on where to put it though.

Eventually I decided to jazz up my boring black leather iPhone case. You know I’m all about having fun with fashion, so with one Mickey hand it went from drab to fab – thumbs up from me.

Visit the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop here.


flat lay with Anya Hindmarch thumbs up leather sticker on black iPhone 6 case surrounded by boxes leather thumbs up Anya Hindmarch sticker on black iPhone 6 case

head and shoulder portrait wearing black leather Balmain biker jacket and Hermes silk bandana scarf


The humble bandana; it’s been around for decades, but lately it’s seen a bit of a renaissance. Hermès produced a not-so-humble version, which meant I had to have one – obvi. Thick silk twill? You had me from the start. I’ve been toying how to style it for months, but bit the bullet and used it as a scarf tied at the front.

Since seeing Chiara Ferragni of ‘The Blonde Salad‘ sporting one at New York Fashion week, it cemented my view that it was a wise purchase. Slightly miffed I missed the fashion boat blogging about it so late, but it is what it is. There’s a lesson to be learnt there…

What are your thoughts about the kerchief? How would you wear one?


Chiara Ferragni of The Blond Salad wearing shearling coat and blue bandana red and white silk Hermes bandana scarf

posing on filmore street against a bright blue shop
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Or San Francisco style part deux. Apologies in advance for the shameless selfies. Sorry ’bout it.

Filmore Street has long been one of my favourite places in SF. It’s got a gazillion good places to eat – I gravitate towards The Grove for breakfast (as shown in my Instagram pic here), although The Filmore Bakery puts up a seriously good fight with their amazing macarons. Perfect for anytime of the day. Or as a midnight snack for jet-lagged souls…

The other great thing about Filmore is the shops; unique boutiques, vintage delights, handmade treasures and some of the bigger names too. It has a relaxed bohemian-cum-cool-kid vibe that just can’t be described in words. So I shan’t even try.

Outfit wise, the details remain the same as in my previous post, apart from the carrier bag. The Marc by Marc Jacobs shop is another whoppingly awesome reason to visit. My credit card statement will disagrees on that part however.


walking down filmore street san francisco sat down outside the shops on filmore street san francisco sat on curb outside susan howell filmore street san francisco shameless selfie wearing red and black check shirt against a cerulean background

two bespoke rings from Baroque Brighton in their boxes against a colourful cushion


If you have read my previous posts (and if you haven’t read my blog before – welcome), you will know I love anything bespoke. I also love jewellery, so bespoke jewels seem to be a logical progression right?

I have been purchasing loose stones for some time now, but was waiting to find a competent jeweller who could live up to my exacting standards. After a bit of internet research and good old fashioned foot work, I came across Baroque Jewellery. Established in 2006 and situated in Brighton’s famous Lanes, it’s a unique and glamorous shop run by a team of skilled designers and craftsmen with over 60 years combined experience in jewellery making. As if the sumptuous dark interior wasn’t enough (box ticked), the shop features unique and eye-catching window displays with both their own pieces and those of other featured designers.

Upon entering the store I was greeted by a friendly chap who was incredibly knowledgable when it comes to stones (another box ticked). I am admittedly picky and rightly so, I like good quality and craftsmanship with that extra flourish when it comes to design. So after a chat about what I had and what I was looking for, I left it with the team to come up with a design.

My first piece was to be centred around a flawless half carat cognac diamond I had picked up on my travels. I was a little unsure of what style to go for, but Aaron and Jason came up with a beautiful design in rose gold that surrounded my centre stone with smaller varying colour brown diamonds – I couldn’t be more pleased. Especially as they were also able to use some existing 9 carat yellow gold from an inherited ring and bump it up to 18 carat rose gold (tick). The finished piece was a simple yet striking design, which I know I shall cherish forever (tick, tick).

close up of hand wearing bespoke cognac diamond ring set in pink gold

On to my most recent piece. I have always wanted an emerald ring but struggled to find a design that suited me and my style. So after discovering Baroque and seeing the quality of their work first hand, I again chose them to commission another piece.

The stone this time was a bit larger, weighing in at 2.6 carats, so I needed to balance out the emerald by having an appropriate setting. In order to stop it looking delicate I went for a ruby halo, made with stones from a band I never wore. Think of it as recycling, but in a luxe way. As the centre stone had some inclusions (which I love in emeralds), I thought a good way of echoing this was to have the ring set in blackened white gold. A great contrast against the pink rubies.

After around 6 weeks, my second bespoke ring was ready. The team at Baroque kept me regularly informed on its progress and I was able to pop in and see the model of the ring to make sure everything was to my liking.  It really was a pleasure to build up a rapport with the team and for them to get to know me in order to fully understand my crazy mind vision. The result was far beyond what I had desired, a stunning unique jewel that perfectly showcases my style.

So my thanks go out to all of the helpful, professional and friendly staff at Baroque. They truly are skilled craftsmen (and women – not forgetting you Pippa) who not only make wonderful jewels, but also good business relationships.


wearing bespoke large emerald ring set in blackened white gold surrounded by pink rubies bespoke black gold emerald ring with ruby halo in brown leather box on a colourful cushion

Chanel jewellery and cosmetics flatlay on a sheepskin rug
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It’s currently day two of the horrible ailment that is man-flu – It’s a serious condition. Whilst I really can’t be bothered to do a blog post, I know I should at least post something. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that the picture is a few days old, if not, then forget I said anything. It started off simply as flat lay practise (man they are hard, especially if you are a perfectionist like me), but I must say I’m super pleased with it.

I adore beauty products and these two are fantastic new additions to my ever expanding grooming hoard products. The Chanel Beauté Initiale Spray Serum is a lightweight product ideal for those who have oily skin, perfect for when you just need that little boost. It’s relatively scent free, which is always nice, as sometimes I just don’t fancy smelling like a wild flower. The Beauté Initiale Eye is a lighter eye cream that soothes and cools; it may not be anything too groundbreaking, but it’s perfect for when your eyes require a little TLC.

The rest was mainly just filler for the photo, but you will spot my beloved eagle necklace, tie pin and crossbones brooch. They are all pieces that I cherish. I love how Chanel makes their accessories fun, plus they never really date.

On that note, I’m off to get another Lemsip.

ASOS holographic slip on plimsols
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This may shock you people, but I have been buying High Street. Well, the online High Street at least. You know I’m a sucker for anything shiny, holographic, iridescent – whatever you want to call it; so these ASOS slip-ons were a must. Plus they were only £20. Cheap as chips at Claridge’s.

Now being dark grey they are not too garish, especially in some lights, but they do have that unexpected element that I am so fond of. The white rubber sole is a nice touch too, it emphasises the skate shoe aesthetic that is everywhere at the moment. From designers such as GivenchyBalmain and Céline (check out this excellent post by Global Garçon here), these shoes are everywhere at the moment. There’s no escaping them.


ASOS holographic slip on skate shoes on an antique persian rug ASOS iridescent skate shoes showing a rainbow of colours

flatlay of blue clothes and accessories on a white background


So the plans for my short visit to San Francisco have been annihilated – along with the sightseeing, potential outfit and streetstyle posts . It’s cool, I’m over it now, but I have managed to make one post with something visual. When life gives you lemons you have a bitch fit make lemonade.

Now I’m not saying it’s anything epic, but seeing as my time here has been drastically reduced, I made my OOTD into a post. Rather than feeling blue, I was wearing it.

In response to the fabulous Dana Fashina’s post on her blog (check it out – she is GREAT) about clothes you only ever really wear around the house, I wore my beloved navy cashmere jumper by Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs – yes you did read that mouthful right. It is super lightweight and super warm, perfect for this time of year. Plus it’s stood the test of time, no bobbling and it hasn’t been devoured by moths just yet.

I also wore my old 7 For All Mankind jeans, which I stopped wearing years ago as they were bootcut. Nothing a trip to the tailor couldn’t fix however and hey presto, new-yet-old slim/straight leg jeans that wonderful worn in feeling you only get from jeans you’ve had longer than you care to remember.

Accessory wise I kept it semi-simple with an Hermès Constance belt in Blue Jean, Céline navy sunglasses and my beaten-up Balenciaga wallet.

The coconut water was my flat lay fuel. I think I’m getting there slowly…


drinking a coke in mcdonalds whilst on my iPhone


I previously posted about fast fashion and how I normally opt for more classic pieces, yet I find myself embracing it once again. Admittedly I’m a little late with this one, but I succumbed and got my paws on that Moschino iPhone case. I couldn’t resist the tongue-in-cheek take on the iconic Golden Arches. Plus I’m super clumsy, so a bouncy phone case was a must.

What better place to show it off than McDonald’s itself? In keeping with the customer demographic, I chose a white wife-beater. That makes me sound like an awful snob doesn’t it? BUT I did put my take on it and accessorised with my Jeremy Scott for Swatch watch (as a nod to Moschino’s new creative director) and as much jewellery as I could put on (well, almost…).

That’s all from me, as I’m still feeling rather queasy after all that fast food; and yes I did eat some of it.


looking apprehensively at mcdonalds meal flatly of mcdonalds meal with hermes dog on wallet and moschino iPhone case looking at my moschino iPhone case in mcdonalds me taking a picture of my photographer using my moschino fries iPhone case

handsome man sat on step holding flowers


Today, flowers in hand, I visited my good pal and confidant at chez Luxe. Nestled in the quiet Sussex countryside, it’s a place to relax and play Lord of the Manor (I should have worn Harris Tweed – damn). After the hydrangeas were gratefully received and copious cups of tea were downed, we pottered the ground and enjoyed the last of the sun.

I kept the outfit plain (well, for me) with a butter-soft Balmain leather biker, Decarnin era Balmain t-shirt, Fendi jeans and Nike trainers. Ten points if you notice all the accessory details.

PS. The last photo make me actually LOL. I like to think of it as my ‘really bitch?’ face.


sat-steps-flowers Sussex-view rings-hair-sitting lady-statue oh-really-look

me sat on tiled steps with hood up looking to the side and smiling
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I regret to inform you our British summer is over; BUT this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have had one of the best for years and more importantly, it also means you won’t have to see too many more pictures of me frolicking around in shorts.

This also means I get the chance to wear some of my wardrobe staples, the hooded top; and I do love a hoody (not the ASBO kind – think more wearable versions). This particular beauty is by one of my go-to brands: Balmain. The goldwork crest is absolutely incredible, and part of the luxe aesthetic which is a signature look for the brand. All this teamed with the chunky silver zips meant I had to own it. Granted it wasn’t cheap, but with Balmain you really do get what you pay for.

What better location to show it off than the architectural wonder of Hove’s Adelaide Crescent. I was in post Regency heaven. Even the salty sea breeze didn’t put me off and if all goes to plan, I shall be back living in Brighton soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

For the rest of my outfit, I wore Balmain biker jeans (another favourite of mine), Christian Louboutin studded high top trainers and an All Saints devore vest. Keeping it simple, one day at a time.


Balmain-hoody-jeans Balmain-hoody Louboutin-studded-hightops Brighton-Balmain Regency-crescent