saint laurent paris suede boots with an all black ensemble
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Ask and you shall receive. I asked in my last post what you would like to see more of on my blog, so now it’s answer time. The lovely Lorna, of, asked what luxe items the stylish man (or his wife) should be buying right now. My answer? A good pair of boots.

There’s only so long a man can get away with wearing wear high-tops and what about the evenings? High-tops? Highly unsuitable if you ask me. Putting your money into a decent pair of boots is a sartorial no-brainer. Putting your feet in said boots is the next step.

Whatever your style, you can find the perfect pair to suit you. Chelsea boots are always chic and every country gent needs a pair of Hunter wellies (you won’t catch me in any other), but my current obsession is the suede boot; Saint Laurent’s are saintly. Not only are they thoroughly versatile, pair with skinny jeans or smart tailoring, they’re also pretty damn cool.

So here’s my picks, all currently available: Balenciaga’s black offerings, Hunter’s classic Wellington Boot, the Saint Laurent Paris Holy Grail and if you’re feeling bold, the wildcard – black suede boots by Alexander McQueen. Just remember guys, please, no Uggs.


Harry Styles wearing a shearling jacket skinny jeans and brown suede boots London street style shot of man wearing black outfit with boots

flatly of an hermes scrapbook surrounded by sticky tape scissors bits of paper and pens


Now that I have a flat, the next task on my to-do list is to decorate it. As it’s a Regency property, I want to keep the main parts as age appropriate as possible. I don’t have an endless budget and bearing in mind the ceiling price for a flat of this size in this area, there will have to be some compromise. Sure I would love to have the entire thing gutted, re-rendered and all the original mouldings and ceiling roses put back in, but I think that whilst it would look good, it may not necessarily be a frugal move. Coving and roses yes, but probably less ornate versions would work just as well, especially when it’s all going to be painted white. I can introduce colour with soft furnishings and special pieces I have collected over the years.

As my mind is constantly running and I haven’t completely mastered Pinterest, I keep scrapbooks. I have always kept them for things that catch my eye, mainly from magazines, so I have re-opened my decoration one and started to add to it once more. Thankfully I have always gravitated towards period features and statement/classical pieces, which means the majority of it is still wholly relevant.

Simple things like photographs of nature can provide the best colour schemes. Think moss growing on an old rock, or decaying Autumn windfalls – there is no better source of inspiration than Mother Nature herself. With that in mind, I’m getting back to the sticky tape, scissors and endless magazines; the perfect way to spend a wet Saturday.