hand signed and numbered benfrostisdead life print
Art, Recovery


Since discovering Australian born artist Ben Frost, I had dreamt of owning some of his work. I have always loved and appreciated Pop Art since my student days, but it’s more than just that. His art is a clever take on modern society and all the problems and paradoxes it contains.

After seeing his piece “LIFE – 100 Tablets” I knew I had to have one, but with such a small run of 100 signed and numbered screenprints (clever attention to detail Ben) I didn’t hold out much hope. But life, or my Higher Power, clearly had other plans for me. A little online stalking research lead me to the No Walls gallery – in Brighton of all places – and I was finally able to acquire a piece of my very own.

Ben’s description of the screenprint is as follows:

“In this image, I’ve evolved my previous work with pharmaceutical packaging and reduced the concept into its most basic elements.

The melancholy character exists within a pre-packaged and controlled pharmaceutical regime: ‘life’ (registered of course). She further contemplates the span of her ‘life’ to be of 100 tablets (the ‘as advertised’ human age limit).

The horizontal pink bar in the background, which is a common design element on drug packaging, mimics liquid – such that she is only just ‘keeping her head above water’ as the progression of ‘life’ slowly fills the page to consume her.”

Now comes the heavy soul-baring part. So many years of my life were consumed by addiction; I too felt that I was surviving by keeping my head above just above water. Not a good situation to be in, for anyone.

For me this is not just a visually beautiful picture, or a sound investment. It’s a reminder of my past and where addiction can (and will) take me; but more importantly it gives me the hope and inspiration to live life on it’s own terms. A wonderful and honest life.