side view with Fendi bag bugs backpack and Funich bag bug
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Stop the press, I’ve published a blog post.

When you have picked yourself up off the floor, please accept my apologies for a rather long absence. With a gruelling work schedule and spare time spent either organising my flat (yes I still haven’t moved in) and attempting to enjoy some vague form of social life, I simply haven’t had the chance.

That said, the other day my good friend Simon, of The Very Simon G, came to visit me and we spent the day in Brighton enjoying the elusive thing known as the British summertime. Good job too, because it lasted one whole day. You read that right, *sigh*.

In between gossiping and gushing talking about all things fashion, we managed to take a few photos of my OOTD – that’s ‘outfit of the day’ if you still don’t know. I wore a speckled blue top from COS, Fendi black cropped skinny jeans, Adidas Stan Smith shoes and accessorised with my beloved monster backpack and bag bug (both Fendi obvs.), Tom Ford ‘Campbell’ Sunglasses – as blogged about here and an Hermès CDC cuff.

A pretty good outfit even if I do say so myself and Fendi obviously also thought so too, as they kindly regrammed my Instagram post. Kudos me.

While you’re here, feel free to check out said epic account.


close up of navy Fendi monster eyes backpack and green bag bug back view wearing navy Fendi monster eyes backpack smiling wearing blue COS t-shirt and Tom Ford sunglasses holding Fendi monster backpack in Brighton wearing Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

me sat on tiled steps with hood up looking to the side and smiling
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I regret to inform you our British summer is over; BUT this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have had one of the best for years and more importantly, it also means you won’t have to see too many more pictures of me frolicking around in shorts.

This also means I get the chance to wear some of my wardrobe staples, the hooded top; and I do love a hoody (not the ASBO kind – think more wearable versions). This particular beauty is by one of my go-to brands: Balmain. The goldwork crest is absolutely incredible, and part of the luxe aesthetic which is a signature look for the brand. All this teamed with the chunky silver zips meant I had to own it. Granted it wasn’t cheap, but with Balmain you really do get what you pay for.

What better location to show it off than the architectural wonder of Hove’s Adelaide Crescent. I was in post Regency heaven. Even the salty sea breeze didn’t put me off and if all goes to plan, I shall be back living in Brighton soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

For the rest of my outfit, I wore Balmain biker jeans (another favourite of mine), Christian Louboutin studded high top trainers and an All Saints devore vest. Keeping it simple, one day at a time.


Balmain-hoody-jeans Balmain-hoody Louboutin-studded-hightops Brighton-Balmain Regency-crescent


view of me walking down Brighton street with graffiti in background
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Yesterday, ‘that one friend’ and I spent the day together in Brighton. Partly for her kindly being my photographer, but more importantly to catch up and have a good gossip. I do struggle posing for photographs, as I David Gandy I am not (but I am myself and that’s all I need worry about). We stumbled across this side street by accident and fell in love with it instantly. The punchy graffiti and industrial shutter echoes the aesthetic of my outfit: street style luxe. Or rather @streetstyleluxe, which is our joint Instagram account. Have a peek and be inspired. These are my favourite shots, some are clearly staged, but I have mostly used the ones I didn’t even know were being taken. Kudos to Lorna for having such a good eye and being an avid director. I wore classic black straight leg jeans from Marc by Marc Jacobs, my current OBSESSION jumper which is Raf Simons (the colours are simply to die for), Tom Ford sunglasses and new Nike Lunarglide 6 trainers. Not only are they the most comfortable trainer I have ever worn, the cobalt blue and neon flashes made my heart skip a beat. Serious shoe porn for us guys.


streetstyle-graffiti streetstyle-graffiti-Brighton Raf-Simons-graffiti

Louboutin studded tartan slip on shoes in blue and red


For me, my preferred trouser for this summer has been lightweight and cropped. I really struggled to find a pair that fitted me well, let alone being cool and comfortable. So when I stumbled upon this pair by Paul Smith, I was in absolute delight. My fashion prayers had been answered. Admittedly they did come with an unfinished hem, but nothing a trip to my tailor couldn’t fix.

On to the dilemma of proportions. It’s a fine line between looking like a pair of ordinary trousers that are merely too short, or even worse – pedal pushers. At my height, it was a difficult call, but I’m happy with the result. Plus being 100% cotton and a little lighter than navy (with a surprisingly rich hue), it was a sartorial YES!

I went down the casual route and paired it with a devore white t-shirt from All Saints. My love for this particular range cannot be stressed enough, they are beautifully soft and just so easy to wear; which did mean I bought all the possible colour, size and style permutations.

The shoes are Christian Louboutin and as you have probably guessed by now I have a bit of a shoedicction. Whilst they may not be for everyone, I seriously dig them. Studded tartan skate shoe? Hideously over-the-top, but majorly me. Plus they work in every season. Another fashion box ticked.


looking-down-outfit sunglasses-smiling

sat down wearing full Vivienne Westwood outfit in sunshine
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Another glorious day, so a truly luxe lady and I thought we would spend it somewhere equally beautiful; Petworth House. Located in a perfectly proportioned parish, this wonderful estate has not only hundreds of acres landscaped by Capability Brown, but also a seriously impressive art collection. Britain at it’s best.

With that in mind, I chose to wear clothes by the one and only Vivienne Westwood. Who else does high-drama romanticism so well? Each piece is like a work of art in itself, open to unique interpretation. Whether you choose to wear a single piece, or dress head-to-toe, Westwood has always been one of my all time favourites.

So I opted for something that would be comfortable and keep me cool in the heat. The shirt is vintage Vivienne Westwood Man, super floaty, casual (to the point of looking like a bed sheet), but also has a fine lurex thread every now and then which adds a subtle sparkle here and there. The ‘drunken’ shorts are from SS14; and on my feet are my trusty vintage Pirate boots. I know they are old, battered and a little disco damaged, but I adore them! Plenty of life left in these old dogs yet.


Vivienne-Westwood-necklaces Westwood-pirate-boots Vivienne-Westwood-shirt

me looking down wearing sunglasses and black vest top in sunshine


To be honest, I am not really sure on the subject of this post. I had big plans on what I had wanted it to be, but in the spirit of recovery, I shall take it for what it is: a simple outfit post.

In true British tradition, even the slightest glimmer of sunshine makes me frantically dig out anything that one would normally wear in some blissfully hot summer idyll. I don’t know if it is a cultural thing, or merely grasping at the chance to wear something that will probably spend ninety five percent of it’s life in a wardrobe. Either way, it was warm and I wanted to make the most of it.

So I opted for a simple look, suitable for the beach admittedly, but who cares. A vest top from All Saints, shorts by Alexander McQueen, Louboutin espadrilles and the bag is Fendi; By The Way.



me smiling wearing green blazer white shirt and black jeans
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My life has changed so drastically since my last attempt at blogging, so I have decided to start afresh. New me, new blog. Since entering a new chapter in my life, a life in recovery, honesty, open mindedness and willingness are three principles that are paramount. So I will endeavour to apply these principles to my blog, as well as my every day life and I hope you enjoy reading them. Or at least like some of the pictures.

The other day a fabulous fashionista friend (Lorna of and I embarked on a train magical journey to London Town and it did not fail to disappoint. After yapping about all things stylish on our journey from the Sussex countryside, we started off by soaking in the sartorial delights of Dover Street. Acne, Louboutin, the fashion mecca that is Dover Street Market and even peeked at the Lowry exhibition through the windows of Clarendon Fine Art.

Onto New Bond Street, which was  solely a reconnaissance mission to the new Fendi flagship. I shan’t reiterate what has already been said about the store itself by the press (and probably a few thousand other blogs already) but if I could sum it up in one word, it would be ‘WOWSER’. The sumptuous furs, that already famous wall of iconic Baguettes, a dedicated menswear floor, I could dribble for days, but I will save this for a forthcoming Fendi foray.

Next it was photoshoot time. Now I’m not saying I am a model; this was purely a chance to have some fun and get some outfit photos for this post. I had some reservations at first, but after some good direction, I really enjoyed it. The outfit was a tricky one, I needed something to take us from day to play and we were going to be out for the best part of eight hours. I chose a simple crisp white shirt and bottle-green blazer, both bespoke. Super comfy and simple. Skinny jeans, so the whole look wasn’t too formal and injected some fun with my metallic Louboutin Alfreds. You may also spot a certain furry friend of mine, whom I love because he makes me smile, yet also reminds me of the monster I have the potential to be.  He also coordinated rather well too.


silver_Louboutin London-brickwork grey-Goyard-Ambassade London-green-blazer cobbled-London-street