Anker astro e7 external battery on a white background


If you’re anything like me and actually use your smart phone for all the wonderful apps the fruity retailer likes to promote so much, then you’ve probably struck up an unwanted friendship with the dreaded (yet all too familiar) red battery indicator. Yes my iPhone probably does have ‘up to 16 days standby time’ – providing it just sits there in airplane mode. In reality, it averages a day. Halve that when I’m spending too much time on Instagram.

On my previous trip to London by luncheon I begrudgingly went to turn off my phone, just in case, in order to save the precious percentile of remaining battery, when my friend Pri halted my actions and introduced me to the world of the portable battery. YES I know I’m late to the party. So with London Fasion Week approaching, I knew I had to invest in one.

A little trawling of the internet lead me to Anker’s offerings. Sleek, practical and pack a pretty hefty punch. Just charge it overnight and you have a portable power supply capable of charging up to 3 simultaneous USB devices at super fast speed. Now the brand states that their Astro E7 can give up to 10 full charges to a smart phone and since buying it I can confirm this to be true. I even had a few bonus top-ups here and there before having to recharge the unit itself.

The downside it is a little heavy, but when you think of the capacity, it’s worth it. Just stick it in your bag and off you trot. Ladies, you may want to think about a smaller model if you’re planning to lug it round in your handbag all day (you could skip the weights at the gym though). So if you’re one of those types always galavanting around and finding your phone constantly craving a charge, it may be time to invest.

I would like to point out that this post is in no way sponsored or endorsed, but merely my way of sharing something I find to be a complete life saver. Granted it’s only a technological life, but still…